Sunday, 8 January 2012

Military and other early modern gloves

The Spence collection of gloves is a wonderful resource with vast numbers of early modern gloves beautifully photographed, with detailed photographs of the embroidered and decorated gauntlets. However there are two 17th century gloves described as being possibly military.
One glove is plain and described as a military or falconry glove (Accession No. 23397 + A- shown below) It is of heavy brown suede leather, but at 57 cm. long would reach above the elbow making it unlikely to be a military glove as it would make bending at the elbow difficult
A second glove (Accession No. 23457 + A) is dated 1600-1650. Made of heavy buff suede leather, the gauntlets are of the same leather cut in scales to look like scale armour. At 41 cm. long they would reach to, but not over the elbow.
Have a look at the site it is a super resource.


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