Thursday 26 January 2012

Latest issue of Costume is out

The new issue of the journal Costume (ISSN: 0590-8876); Volume 46, No. 1 out, arrived through my letterbox this morning. I have a vested interest since it contains my latest paper. The contents of the issue include:
Queen Anne Commands: Clothing the Kettle Drummer to the Ordnance, 1705-1708
Poppy, Pat  pp. 3-16
 The Clothing of a Georgian Banker, Thomas Coutts: A Story of Museum Dispersal
Wilcox, David   pp. 17-54
 'Does Your Highness feel like a gold person or a silver one?' Princess Margaret and Dior
Behlen, Beatrice  pp. 55-74
Elle and the Development of Stylisme in 1960s Paris
Romano, Alexis  pp. 75-91
Dress for Success: A Journey from Past to Present Among Tibetans
Bassini, Patrizia   pp. 92-110

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