Thursday 10 May 2012

Book - Spanish Fashion in Early Modern Europe

Recently published.
Bass, Laura R. and Milena Hajana. Spanish Fashion in Early Modern Europe: The Prevelance and Prestige of Spanish Attire in the Courts of the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Paul Holberton Publishing 2011 ISBN-13: 978-1907372230 £50.00

The modes of dress adopted at the Spanish court were highly influential elsewhere in Europe from about the mid 16th to the mid 17th century-the period corresponding to Spanish political hegemony. The nature and prevalence of the diffusion of Spanish fashion is, however, a phenomenon that has never been systematically studied, partly because it is no easy task to pool the numerous sources of information, both archival (in many languages) and visual.This book makes a most important contribution to this fundamental aspect of European history.

The contents include:
L.R. Bass "Dress and drama of urban life in the Spanish Hapsburg capital,"
M. Hajana "Spanish fashion in the kingdom of Bohemia under Rudolf II,"
M.J. Garcia Sierra "Who dresses kings and queens? Royal wardrobes and court tailors,"
A. Ribeiro "A story of pride and prejudice: perceptions of Spain and Spanish dress in 17th-century England,"
F. Barallo "Katherine Micaela at the court of Savoy,"
G. Guarino "Spanish fashions and sumptuary legislation in Hapsburg Italy,"
C. Thepaut-Cavasset "Marie-Louise d'Orléans, Queen of Spain,"
M. Hayward "Katherine of Aragon, Spanish Princess or Queen of England?,"
C. van Wyhe "The making and meaning of the Spanish habit at the Hapsburg courts".

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