Friday 20 January 2012

Seventeenth Century Account Book

Consumption and gender in the early seventeenth-century household : the world of Alice Le Strange by Jane Whittle and Elizabeth Griffiths. This book is due out in March at £60 for OUP (9780199233533). There was a research project at Birkbeck (my old alma mater) information on which is available at It  analysed the household accounts of Alice Le Strange, a member of the Norfolk gentry, for the years 1606–1653. The link includes information on an outfit which appears to be a waistcoat, petticoat and robe, the total for its purchase being £30. Looks like black grosgrain robe over a lemon satin waistcoat and petticoat. Trimmed with black and silver lace and silver buttons. This is the seventeenth century equivalent of a couture dress.

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